How to use the fiberscope

How to use the fiberscope

Learn how to use the fiberscope in a pediatric patient

Why do it

Before you use the fiberscope in a pediatric patient you should become familiar with the instrument and learn how to move and handle it using a training mankin

How to do it
Hold the handle with your dominant hand so that your thumb moves the shifter to bend the tip of the scope. Your index finger operates the suction valve.The left or non-dominant hand holds the scope near the tip. Use the handle- holding hand to turn the scope and the other hand to move the scope forward and backward inside the airway. It is important to bring the table into the lowest position and keep the scope straight to make turns with your handle-hand easier. Move your body to turn the scope inside the airway. Don’t let the scope get s-shaped and don’t try to turn it with your non-dominant hand which will be much difficult. When using a camera always check that the settings are appropriate, the focus is adjusted and the image is upright.

How do it right. The fine points
When entering the pediatric airway turn the scope and move the shifter so that your target always appears in the middle of the image. Then push the scope forward carefully. When you lose sight pull the scope back, turn it and move the shifter until you get back the image.

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