How to hold the laryngoscope

How to hold the laryngoscope

The proper intubation technique for small children


A good intubation technique is essential for endotracheal intubation of small children. Particular in children presenting with retrognatia or micrognathia the right technique will help you to have success.

Why do it
In small children and babies the larynx is situated more anteriorely and cranially. To mobilize the larynx with your little finger will give you a better laryngoscopic view and facilitate tracheal intubation

How to do it
Before intubation bring your left hand in a more abducted position and hold the laryngoscope so that the lower edge of your little finger has contact with the child’s neck above the larynx. During laryngoscopy you can push the larynx downwards, move it to the right or pull it to the left side. This will help you to get view on the larynx even in a more difficult anatomical situation such as a child with Pierre-Robin sequence.

How to do it right. The fine points
It is crucial to hold the laryngoscope properly. Bring your hand into a more abducted position and ensure that the laryngoscope has contact with the proximal part of your index finger. So your left little finger will get into the right position.

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